Breakfast 朝ご飯

I went to De Dutch Pannekoek House for a nice Sunday breakfast:). In the last couple of years, pancake restaurants have been getting popular in Japan – but the majority of Japanese people still have breakfast at home.

今日はDe Dutchというお店に朝ご飯を食べに行きました. ここ2,3年位でパンケーキのお店も人気が出てきたみたいですが日本では朝食をとりにレストランに行く事は少ないと思います.


I had a huge banana maple walnut pancake! Yummy :9♡ It was really thin and very fluffy. Is this Dutch style? Personally, I prefer the pancake I had at Bills in Tokyo.  It was airier and cuter.

今日はバナナとクルミとメープルの大っきなホットケーキを食べました. 凄く薄くてモチモチでした:) これはタッチスタイルなのかな? 個人的には東京のBillsというお店で食べたパンケーキの方が好きかもP1000050

I want to try a bunch of different breakfast places!

P.S. Sylvia reminded me about one of the best pancakes in Vancouver. You can get these corn pancakes at Fable Kitchen:)  Thanks Sylvia!






12 thoughts on “Breakfast 朝ご飯

  1. Some breakfast places make very heavy pancakes and I don’t like the heavy doughy texture. But, I do love waffles which are nice and crispy and have lots of nooks and crannies for the butter and syrup.

    The Dutch and Bill’s both look lighter.
    Guess, I have to add the Dutch Pancake place to my Vancouver list.

  2. Forgot to mention.
    A long time ago, the International House of Pancakes used to make a corn pancake. it was like cornbread but thin cakes. They don’t make them any more.
    Those were yummy – well, yeah, with the butter…LOL.

  3. Wow the pancakes look good!
    I prefer Japanese breakfast! Hot rice, miso soup, fish..mmmm
    I am also ashamed to say when I was living in Japan, I had mister donut for breakfast almost every day and I put on 6kg! haha!

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