Home made cookies わんこクッキー


I bought 99% dark chocolate by accident :( I was looking for a recipe for them and found a cookie recipe on the internet. It turned out really good :9

この前,間違って99%のチョコレートを買ってしまいました. インターネットでみつけたクッキーのレシピを試したら結構美味しかったです

Whenever I’m in the kitchen cooking or baking, the doggies watch me with their cute puppy eyes, expecting something. I always bake us cookie, so I’ve decided to make them some home made doggie treat this time♡


I don’t have an exact recipe. I just mixed together some peanut butter, water and flour. I baked it for approximately 15 minutes at 350 degrees.



Joe and the doggies have very similar tastes I believe. They all seem to love peanuts butter:)







9 thoughts on “Home made cookies わんこクッキー

  1. Maybe you could make a “how to” video of making the doggie cookies like you did wtih the red velvet cup cakes. Pleeeeease…. :)

  2. Aha….the vids of the puppies licking their noses is because of the peanut butter treats!
    Sooooo cute.
    Thanks for sharing and we look forward to the new video.

  3. You are a good doggie mommy, Akemi! They loved their treats. The stars are very cute, and look good enough for people to eat. :]

  4. Akemi – your camera man is very good! Almost not fair to other video makers when you’ve got a real life television writer/producer to help you, and if you want, your dog Lulu’s boyfriend who is a professional TV camera guy also. You are so lucky. It’s no wonder your videos are so good.

  5. Yes, a recipe or video of how you made the dog cookies would be great! I want to make some for my friends’ dog who lives over in Prince Edward Island.

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