The Northern Lights オーロラ

I’m going to Yellow Knife in the new year with my friends:)

I’ve been in Canada quite a long time but I’ve never visited any tourist places such as Victoria, Whistler, Prince Edward, and so on.

One reason why is that I personally prefer spending time at home with the dogs

However, I heard that this is the best year to go see the Northern Lights and, also one of my best friends asked me to go with her:)

I can’t wait ♡

So I’m gathering information. If you’ve been there or have any ideas, please let me know.


6 thoughts on “The Northern Lights オーロラ

  1. This sounds like it will be a fun trip. Take pictures!

    I have visited Vancouver many times…but the sad thing is we were always so involved with a convention that there were few opportunities to really see and visit Van.
    We did manage a couple of the Stargate filming locations, Victoria and the beautiful gardens, cannot remember the name of the place with the rope bridge that moved a lot, but that’s really it. So I really don’t have a lot of recommendations other than some of the food places, but Joe was the one who told us about Fuel.

    Now to plan the vacation to really visit Vancouver and since Joe has provided names of so many more good restaurants – have to visit them too.

    There was once a travel agent in Hawaii who use to say, “See the world before you leave it.” You know, there is some wisdom to that.

  2. That sounds like an amazing trip, Akemi! I’m thinking of going to the Yukon next year (and I’ll probably be coming through Vancouver). I’ve never been up North either, so I’m looking forward to it if I arrange it. Take pictures!

    Also, if you guys ever get over this way to Prince Edward Island, let me know – I’m only a few hours drive away, I have friends that live in Charlottetown and maybe I could meet up with you guys for a big feast of lobster! :)

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