I lost my earring :( イヤリング落としちゃった><

Mmmm I lost my earring :(

I lose them often because I wear clips. I’m afraid to get my ears pierced.

Anyway, I’m thinking of getting a cell phone.
Im kind of interested in a Samsung but Joe recommends iphone because I already have an iPad.

Which do you think better?

I’ll probably send unnecessary texts to him once I get the cell phone:)

By the way, I’m on Joe’s blog today:)



5 thoughts on “I lost my earring :( イヤリング落としちゃった><

  1. Me too…suggest the iPhone. Since Joe already has one…it will be easier to get used to.

    Earrings – clips on also hurt, as the clips pinch. But, I also have been afraid to get pierced. Don’t need any “unnatural holes” made to my body. LOL.

    Yes…as gforce said. Was nice to see the blog entry all about you!

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