Weekend  週末

I went to the winter farmer’s market :)

It was a really miserable, cold day :*(
凄く寒かった‼ 日本のUNIQLOでヒートッテク買ってくればよかったー:(


After that, we made dessert for Sunday.

Joe found a recipe for chocolate covered ice cream sandwiches. It was a lot of work but he seemed to be passionate to make it. We baked soft cookies, cool them down, and then sandwiched them with vanilla ice cream. After that, we froze it for four hours. They looked great at that point but as soon as we dipped them in chocolate, the ice cream melted :0


Joe was sad. lol


7 thoughts on “Weekend  週末

  1. Ice cream sandwiches are tricky on a good day, never mind when you’re brave enough to dip them in chocolate! Yours are still mostly in one piece, so you can call it a success, I think ;)

  2. They still looooook very yummy. As someone on Joe’s blog said, put the ice cream sandwich on a plate and give me a spoon, and I will be happy!

    Maybe instead of dipping in chocolate, spoon some chocolate on one side and put it back in the freezer immediately. Then after an hour or so, turn it over and spoon chocolate on the other side and put it back into the freezer quickly.

    Did you guys do a video of the dipping process? That would have been interesting.
    But…maybe not especially if you are not happy with the results.
    You and Joe are always ready to try new recipes…this is good.

  3. They look great to me! I bet they still tasted great too. Maybe before dipping in the chocolate, you should put them in something square. In the square, put some chocolate, then the sandwich, then finish coating in the chocolate. Then quickly put
    back in freezer. Maybe it will refreeze as a cube. I’m thinking something like an ice-cube tray, or popcicle maker, etc… Something square.

  4. I think next time I might try a slight variation of the recipe. Instead of making the brownie, sandwiching the ice cream, freezing, then dipping them in chocolate and freezing, I might try going to Safeway and buying those Haagen Dazs ice cream sandwiches. See how that works out.

  5. LOL at Joe’s comment.
    Seeing how well Haagen Dazs and other similar companies as well as restaurants / food trucks / fast food places / supermarket deli sections prepare food is MY job.

    Oh, and I also go to meals when invited by friends – and see how well they do.
    I don’t cook – cept for nuking in microwave and maybe…maybe boiling some water for tea.

    Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating! Eat! Eat! ya gatta.

  6. The kind of chocolate they use to coat ice-creams is more like magic shell than “real” chocolate. A larger amount of saturated fat (usually from coconut oil which solidifies even at room temperature) is added to the chocolate so it’ll set on contact with something cold, while becoming liquid with only a modest increase in temperature, no where near warm enough to rapidly melt ice-cream. Same principal applies when making cocoa-dusted chocolate truffles. Lots of saturated fat lends them that semi-solid consistency.

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