Osaka Okonomiyaki 大阪お好み焼き

I went to one of the most famous Okonomiyaki restaurants, Fuugetsu, in Osaka.

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese vegetable pancake. The base is flour, egg, water and cabbage and you can add your favourite ingredients because “Okonomi” means what you like. Some people add bacon, cheese or shrimp.

It’s also common to have someone cook okonomiyaki in front of you in Osaka. We ordered beef tendon okonomiyaki and seafood okonomiyaki.

It’s really Osaka comfort food so please try it if you have chance:)

xox Akemi

One thought on “Osaka Okonomiyaki 大阪お好み焼き

  1. Akemi, you and Joe have made this sound yummy. So, I will have to try it. A looooong time ago, I think my mother was trying a version of this, but – to be honest, it was not yummy. In fact it was like a dry omelette with lots of stuff in it.
    BUT….with your encouragement…I will have to try one.

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