Shinjuku 新宿

I went on a shopping tour when Joe visited Yokohama with his friend. I used to live in Setagaya-ku and Shinjuku was the closest shopping place.

At first, I checked out @cosme. This place carries skin care products and cosmetics which are top sellers on the internet. They offer products that are a little different from those found in the drugstore.

I went to Paul Bassett for lunch. I love this cheesecake ;9 I have to bring some for Joe next time.

There is a big screen in the restaurant and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was playing when I visited. I was totally hooked on it. The sequel’s Willy Wonka reminds me of Michael Jackson:)


P.S. I wanted to order a caramel brûlée latte at Starbucks but because I wasn’t sure I would be able to pronounce it perfectly, I had a cappuccino instead:(


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