Bento box キティーちゃんのお弁当

It’s been a while!

I have many pictures of my Tokyo trip.


I found a really cute Hello Kitty bento box at the Ginza Mitsukoshi department store one day.

Inside was…


I don’t think they’re always on sale. It was a special event.

I was lucky ♡


9 thoughts on “Bento box キティーちゃんのお弁当

  1. I think I enjoyed your trip as much as you did…well almost, anyway. Welcome back. Love your Bento box! Maybe you could do a video explaining what they are and what you load them with and who you give them to.

  2. The video of the Bento Box is cool. I am glad you named the contents because at first I thought the inari sushi was either small pancakes or pieces of fried cutlets.
    Nice…it looks very tastey and good!

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