Tokyo 東京

I usually don’t get jet lag but this time I have it bad. Still, I’m enjoying myself.

Ginza Mitsukoshi department store.

Saigou-san? @Shinjyuku.



4 thoughts on “Tokyo 東京

  1. You look like you are ready to do a lot of shopping.
    Great pictures of you. Keep your cameraman busy!
    Tried to view the video and the message says that it is private.
    Hope you are enjoying lots of food that you cannot easily get in Canada.

  2. Thanks for fixing the video.
    It looks like a robot/toy dog…right?
    Well, if it is a toy, then you don’t have to feed it.
    Does it do more movements? Does it follow you? Or, does it just “look for food?”
    Kinda cute. Perfect for people with allergies or where the landlord has a no pets policy.

  3. Robot dog is cute! I think he is wearing a version of the British flag. Also, love your blue and white dress! Very pretty. Are you and Joe going to Osaka to see your family? Thanks for posting. :)

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