Tokyo Trip – Vancouver to Tokyo 東京旅行!

Bubba kept telling me that he wanted to go to Tokyo with us:)

We arrived at YVR that afternoon. I realized that I’d forgotten to get my mom a souvenir so I bought some maple cookies at the airport.

I brought my favourite slippers:) I slept through the beginning of flight and missed my first meal.  Joe didn’t!


I have motion sickness so it’s better to not eat a big meal on the plane.  Anyway, delicious Japanese food is waiting for me in Tokyo!

We got to the hotel for almost 8:00 p.m. Tokyo time and had a lovely dinner with our friends, John and Nancy, who were also in town. :)


3 thoughts on “Tokyo Trip – Vancouver to Tokyo 東京旅行!

  1. I am looking forward to reading of your adventures in Japan. I have been reading Joe’s blog for several years now. I hope you have a great time in your home land!

  2. Thanks for updating your blog, Akemi! Your airplane meal looked like that? Oh, yum! Looking forward to more from Tokyo. Now that you’re in Japan, you could tell us about the funny things that Joe says. It’s only fair. :)

  3. Akemi, Thanks for updating your blog. Please do share the funny things Joe says.
    As for the love of Beckett says, it is only fair.
    Besides, you are helping Joe to better understand and speak Japanese.
    Please don’t forget pictures and perhaps some videos too.

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