Breakfast 朝ご飯

Joe eats oatmeal almost every day.


I sometimes taste a bit. I don’t think it’s super yummy but I now it’s really good for me.
私もたまに食べます. 凄く美味しいとは思わないけれどダイエットに良いです

I find odd to eat it with fruit or cinnamon sugar.

I prefer to add savory flavor like bonito flakes.

Am I strange :0?


4 thoughts on “Breakfast 朝ご飯

  1. LOL….the choice of what to add to oatmeal is, in reality, your choice – choose whatever makes you enjoy it. The odd aspect is most people consider oatmeal as a breakfast food. It is rather bland. And, unless they have been exposed to asian foods and seasonings, may not quite appreciate that the bonito is a good seasoning. Many years ago, my aunty did not have milk for her instant oatmeal, so she used saimin soup base in the hot water. It was different, but not bad.

  2. When I was a kid growing up in Hawaii, we called a noodle soup saimin. We could go to the small mom & pop “saimin” stand and it would be served with a slice or two of kamaboko, some chopped green (long) onion, and sometimes a strip of fried egg (fried tamago). This would be like packaged ramen – noodles with a small packet of soup base.

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