Japanese supermarket in Vancouver バンクーバーの日本食スーパー

Happy Thanksgiving! The other day, we went to Fujiya, Japanese supermarket!


There were a lot of customers and I wasn’t permitted to take pictures inside. They sell a variety of Japanese foods, snacks, cosmetics and so on.

たくさんお客さんがいたので店内の写真を撮る事が出来ませんでした. ここでは日本食品,おかし,化粧品などなどが売っています

Fujiya is definitely my favorite Japanese supermarket but it’s located a little bit far from downtown and we have to get there by car.


It’s still worth it!  We purchased rice.


I believe this rice is from California.


This seaweed seems to be imported from Japan.


We bought only these two things because we are going to head back to Japan at the end of this month.


I will make sushi tomorrow:)

明日はおすしをつくっちゃおうっと :)


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