♡Sweets♡ 甘いもの

I found a really nice dessert shop, Cadeaux, in Gastown :)


Joe and I both love sweets and we always order too much.


(This milk was for Joe.)This carrot cake was yummy;9 Actually, I’ve never eaten carrot cake in Japan. It’s not popular. I want to try to making it. Is it difficult? Red velvet cake is common here but its not popular in Japan either. I haven’t eaten it for a while.
(おっきな牛乳はジョー用)このキャロットケーキが美味しかったですよ(・ω・) キャロットケーキはカナダに来るまで食べた事がありませんでした.今度,頑張ってつくってみよーっと.難しいのかな?レッドベルベットケーキもカナダでは一般的なデザートですが,日本ではあんまり人気がないですよね?




One thought on “♡Sweets♡ 甘いもの

  1. Carrot cake is not difficult to make. I am sure you can find many recipes on the Internet. The recipes that use pineapple are very good. At least I think so.

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