Spicy fingers again. 指が辛い

I cut a couple of hot red peppers tonight. I believe they are called birds eye chili.


I cut exactly the same type of peppers as a last time and I was totally okay. But this time my hands feel like they are on fire. It’s really painful!!! Last time when I had spicy fingers, I used pretty much everything I could find: olive oil, vegetable oil, milk, white wine, V8 juice, hand cream, shaving gel, even mayonnaise and nothing worked for me. The only thing I have in the refrigerator today is soy milk. I don’t think that will work and I have no idea how to sleep with my finger in soy milk :(
Help me pease:(


10 thoughts on “Spicy fingers again. 指が辛い

  1. Oh, that is painful….DO NOT RUB your eyes!
    Try ice, ice water and something that is cooling – like methol.
    Wash your hands – cold/cool water – DO NOT scrub or rub your skin, and eventually the “hot stuff” will wear off.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hi Akemi: I have never had the problem with chili peppers burning my fingers but I am always afraid I will forget and touch my eyes or mouth after cutting chilis. What I do is warm up a bowl of milk and wash my hands in it. It has to be whole milk and it has to be very warm but not hot enough to burn the skin. I believe the theory is that the warmth of the milk will help melt the chili oil and the milk will neutralize the capsaicin in the chili. Sounds strange, but works for me. Now I try to remember to use rubber gloves whenever I have to work with chili peppers.

    Jeannette (ManekiNekko)

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