“L” and “R”

“L” and “R” sound really similar to me which is why I often wish my friends “Have a safe fright!”.
“L”と”R”の発音を良く間違えます.時々,友達に”Have a safe fright”って 言っちゃいます. “Fright”の意味は”恐怖”で”Flight”は”飛行機での移動”を意味します. だから”Have a safe flight”だと”気をつけていってらっしゃい”みたいな意味合いかなと思います.

Our dog-sitter came by our house the other day and told us the dog she is taking care of has “lice” and she has to bring it to the vet.

I didn’t understand what the big deal was. Lulu sometimes gets “rice” on her face as well.


Joe told me the word was “lice” not “rice”.


5 thoughts on ““L” and “R”

  1. Lulu looks guilty, like she did something wrong.
    You could change the wording to void the L and R words.
    Like….have safe travels

    In Hawaii, the word for lice is “uku.” Pronounced like: oouuukoooo.
    But, using that word would only make sense to someone in Hawaii or from Hawaii.

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