Dentist カナダの歯医者さん

I have to go to the dentist to remove a wisdom tooth tomorrow.
The handsome doctor told me “Removing a wisdom tooth is easy. It only take me 30 seconds. Hahaha:)”. He may have been trying to relax me but I’m kind of scared :0
歯医者さんが ”親不知を抜くなんて簡単さー 僕にとっては30秒で終わる手術だよhahaha”という説明をしてくれました. なんか逆に不安になったよ😢
Oh, We can watch TV during an dental surgery in Canada. There is a TV screen on the ceiling and they provide you with headphones.
And sometimes the doctor talks to me while I’m being operated on.
It’s a pretty challenging situation for me.


I’m going to eat a chocolate cookie and cheer me up before I go tomorrow ♡


8 thoughts on “Dentist カナダの歯医者さん

  1. You are brave…I would be eating a box of cookies to cheer myself up!
    The TV sounds like a nice idea. Will they change the channels for you? Or, do you have to watch whatever they choose?

  2. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled at the same time. They put me out cold to do the procedure. It was not pleasant. Take care of yourself. Don’t push your recovery too fast. I made the mistake of going back to work too soon and my boss sent me back home. At least he was cool about it.

    Get well soon. Enjoy your ice cream dinners. :)

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