Second language 第二外国語

I found the interesting diagram by chance.


English was my least favorite subject in my entire student life. I’m sometimes amazed that I live in Canada now. If I lived in Japan, I wouldn’t try so hard to learn English. Now I’m kind of forced to study though. It’s challenging but it’s necessary for me to overcome my weak points in English.
When it comes to my weak points, I’m not good at talking in front of people or explaining my feelings. I would like to fix them:) So I’m thinking of updating a video occasionally. I think it will be fun too.
If you have any ideas for my video, let me know:)


5 thoughts on “Second language 第二外国語

  1. As I mentioned previously, I teach in a dual language school….English/Spanish…I teach only in English, but one of my classes this year is only native Spanish speakers, with several newcomers….today I read them a book that was in English and Spanish…and I read the Spanish (they eagerly helped me) after the English. The kids were so happy I read it in Spanish and applauded me after I read. I know more Spanish then I speak, since I am hesitant to speak it…but it was good role-modeling for my kids…to see an adult trying to read their language and struggling, plus it gave them such confidence, because they could help me….

    I had another student in my other class tell me that he had to learn Japanese, since he wanted to be a video game programmer and the company he wants to work for is Japanese…

  2. You could get a good book written in English and read it to us. Maybe about 3 – 5 minutes each time. You would be practicing your reading English skills and your speaking English clearly skills.

    In the 5th grade, my teacher read to us just before we went to lunch, a little bit from a good book. It was fun and eventually we got to the end of the book.

    You could also do a short video (3 minutes?) of you teaching us how to make something in the kitchen. (a benito box, cook a meat, a vegtable, a salad, or something Japanese)

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