Sunday football フットボール

Joe’s friends are coming over to our house to watch football tomorrow.

To be honest with you, I’m not familiar with American Football but I like it when people come to visit.
That is one of the good things about livening in Canada. It was almost impossible to invite my friends to my old apartment in Tokyo because it was too tiny.
Joe is going to make Philly cheesesteaks. They are called cheesesteak but they are actually sandwich. I find it mysterious :0

Anyway, it’s going to be my first time to try one.
it’s going to be fun!

Good night.

4 thoughts on “Sunday football フットボール

  1. Try a little bit of the cheesesteak with cheese whiz before a whole sandwich. I have been told it is really horrible that way. I’ve never tried it with cheese whiz though so maybe it really is good.

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