Turkey Winner ウインナー

I think I’ve been improving my cooking skills more than my English skills since I moved to Canada.


I’m kind of crazy about making soufflé. This is a recent cheese soufflé i made. Yum:D


I made a smiley face with a turkey wiener and a quail egg. Before I typed it, I thought the spelling of wiener was winner.


I made an octopus wiener before.
My mom used to feed me a fish sausage almost every day when I was a kid but I haven’t seen any in a while. I wonder if it’s because I’m in Canada or because fish sausages aren’t as popular as I thought.
I’m going to ask my Japanese friend :D


See ya


7 thoughts on “Turkey Winner ウインナー

  1. To be honest I’ve never even heard of a fish sausage before! I suspect you could only find them in some specialty store here in Canada.

    Your cheese souffle looks great!

  2. Akemi: I am Japanese but cannot remember the name I am thinking of. Fish sausage is like kamaboko but is long like sausage and with a hole in the middle? I like the kind with gobo in it.

  3. Heya, in Hawaii, we called it fish cake. There is the one style of kamaboko that is steamed on a piece of wood with either a yellow, or pink outter skin. Sometimes a little sweet, but yummy.

    The one with gobo usually was sold on a skewer with 3 or 4 or 5 “balls” of it.
    When you a fish ball off the skewer, there was a little hole. I think this may have been fried, but not sure.

    There were great with saimin and other soups.
    Now I am craving fish cake.

  4. Oh my, I had no idea there was so many varieties of kamaboko.
    The ones with the color – mainly pink is in my memory too.

    The sausage pictures – many look like “hot dogs”/Weiners.
    I liked the fried ball of fish cake with gobo because it was not as sweet.
    But both are yummy.

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