Coffins and Cappuccino

I took a listening class today. We watched a news report about “Landing on Mars”. The vocabulariy was bit difficult but the news itself was really interesting. I should learn more SF words before starting to watch Stargate. Maybe I need a little bit more time.
Hmmm, I’m going to watch it before I’m thirty♩

Listening is important but sometimes it is better to not follow what is said.
Last year we visited Joe’s elderly aunt. The conversation turned to cell phone plans. Joe’s mother suggested we change the topic of conversation to something his aunt could talk about too. We were at a loss. Finally, his aunt: “Let’s talk about coffins.”
An awkward lull and then I piped up: “I like cappuccino!”
“Not coffee,” Joe informed me. ”Coffins.”
Me: “What difference?”


Akemi “ε(・ω・)з”

3 thoughts on “Coffins and Cappuccino

  1. You are doing fine, Akemi. English can be a very confusing language. I worked for a Japanese company with an office in the Los Angeles area. One manager asked me why the street name Pico (peek-o) is different from pie (like apple pie) because they both look the same.

  2. Thanks for the laugh! At least you didn’t accidently say something nasty! Who knows what would come out of my mouth if I ever went to Japan. :)

    I like your blog! I like the simplicity of it, and it is pretty, and it is happy. Thanks for keeping it up.

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