Coming down

I’m coming down with something.

I thought I needed to eat better but I just ended up eating too much.

I’m having trouble understanding the turn of phrase “I’m coming down with something”.
風邪気味かも”I’m coming down with something”っていうフレーズを理解するのに凄く困ってます

I always say “I’m coming something down for me” or “It is something coming down for me” and Joe patiently fixes my mistake.

But I think “I’m coming down with something” is a very weird sentence because I am not going anywhere. A cold is coming for ME.


2 thoughts on “Coming down

  1. Heya Akemi,
    The sentence or phrase – “I am coming down with something,” is awkward.
    What you say is so true, it is the cold, the flu, and other illness that is settling into your body to make you not feel well. So instead of feeling happy and “high” you will feel unhappy and “down.”
    You can say, something is starting to affect me – I don’t feel well.

    English does not seem to follow rules.
    Hope you feel better.

  2. I agree with you. “I’m coming down with something” is a weird phrase. You could just say, “I think I’m getting sick”. And if you do think you are catching a cold…drink lots of orange juice and get plenty of rest. I hope you are not “coming down with something”, and hope you feel better soon.

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