Bumbling day

We ran into Simon at the farmer’s market. Yay:)


We discovered a really good ice cream shop at the farmer’s market a month ago. We bought a couple of new flavors.


Sadly, I dropped the ice cream on the way to the car.The glass jars were broken. Joe seemed to be really looking forward to trying those ice creams. I felt as guilty as the time I taped up his statue boxes.

I have to be more careful next. :)


2 thoughts on “Bumbling day

  1. Akemi sorry you dropped Joe’s ice cream. But you know what they say . . .”shit happens”. Ask Joe to explain that American saying. :)

  2. Hello Ponytail :)
    Thank you for your comment.
    I told Joe “shit happens”. He laughed.
    We ended up driving around town to find this particular ice cream but we couldn’t find it :(

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