Beef Willenton ビーフウァレントン

It’s always hard to remember new words and idioms. Perfect pronunciation is much harder. My first year in Canada, I often explained the meaning of words instead of saying them.

“I want to watch fuck show.” I once told Joe while casually loading the dishwasher.

“Huh? What the hell had you been watching? I hadn’t ordered the Adult package from my local satellite provider.” Joe said.

Of course I didn’t follow what he said. I kept trying “These scallops are rooooooow!” in an English accent.

“Oh, That is Hell’s Kitchen.”

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay and his show. This weekend I challenged myself to make his signature dish, Beef Wellington.


Joe: “You don’t have enough duck cell.”

Ake: “I don’t use duck. This is seranno ham.”

Joe: “Not duck cell. Mushroom duxelle.”

Ake: ???


Carefully roll. It’s like a giant sushi roll.


Spin spin spin!


Actually I bought puff pastry from WholeFoods. :P


I realized that I forgot to add thyme in the duxelle so I put them on my puff pastry.


A bit of decoration ♡







That wellington’s cooked perfectly.” by Chef Ramsay

Bon appétit

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