Starbucks Evolution

Starbucks’s cappuccino is yummy, eh :)? I often grab a biscotti too and I end up overeating :p
I love Starbucks but for some reason my name baffles most English speakers who seem incapable of pronouncing it correctly, often offering a variety of erroneous renditions: Acme, Kimmy, Akenny and so on.
Nowhere is this more frustrating than when the person at the counter not only mispronounces my name, but writes it down incorrectly as well. It’s kind of funny so I’m going to post the evolution of the cappuccino for “Akemi” .

Actually, this is my favorite one. :)

ATmi? Aimi? or A!m!
Maybe I should get an easy English name such as cheese cake or coconuts.

Very close.

Finally, the Starbucks in the San Diego airport succeeds where all other Starbucks have failed – in correctly guessing the spelling of my name!

See ya:)

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