Blog title. What is “Peasnatch”?

I’ve been in Vancouver for two years give or take. When I first arrived here, I hardly spoken any English.

One day my boyfriend Joe asked me
Joe: “What kind of vegetable do you want to eat tonight?”
Ake: “Peasnatch”
Joe: “Peasnatch? What’s that in English?”
Ake: “That’s English! Peasnatch!”
Joe: “Peasnatch? Peasnatch :(?”

Ake: “Peasnatch!”
I called him triumphantly from the produce section, pointing and smiling.

Joe: “Ooooh, so close. That’s spinach,”
Ake: “Spee-natch!”
Joe: “Okay, close enough.”

My mispronunciations and butchered grammar seem to be amusing to English speakers.
I’ll update when I have another good story.


See ya:)

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