My boy, Bubba, had surgery a couple days ago. Now, he has a big scar so he is wearing my hairband to ensure he doesn’t scratch at his stitches.




Cute, eh :)? 可愛いでしょ?笑

haha He reminds me of this mascot…




Japanese Mr. Donut Mascot!


He should wear it for seven more days….haha :D

お鮭バーグ 動画レシピ Salmon Burgar Recipe

Hi :) こんにちは^^
This is one of my new favorite burgers :D Hope you enjoy it too ;)


【Ingredients for 2 servings】
280g (10 oz) salmon
1 big shallot (or onion) (about 50g)
1 garlic clove
1 egg (60g)
3 Tbsp panko ( or breadcrumbs)
salt, pepper


お鮭 280g (10 oz)
エシャロット 1つ (50g)(玉葱でもokayです)
ガーリック 1かけ
卵 1こ (60g)
パン粉 大さじ3


We tried spring salmon, sockeye salmon and steelhead trout :D My favorite was trout ;)  今回スプリングサーモン、サカイサーモン、トラウトの3種類のお魚で試してみました。私はトラウトが1番好きでした^^


Cook both sids until gets nice color :D 両面に良い色が付くまで焼きます。


Love ♡

xox Akemi

Porchetta Challenge :)

I made porchetta again. I changed the recipe from the last time i made it but it still wasn’t to my liking :( Actually, the previous version was better >:( !!! Anyway, I’m taking notes for next time.

またまたポルケッタを作りました。前回からレシピを工夫してみたけれど、納得のいく物が出来ませんでした。というか前回の方が美味しかった気がする… なんだか凄く張り切って動画もとってたのに疲れちゃったなぁ。まぁ次回の参考の為に、今回のレシピと反省点をブログにしようと思います!


Spices I used: thyme, rosemary, garlic powder and fennel powder. About a tablespoon of each.    今回使用したハーブ類です。タイム、ローズマリー、ガーリックパウダー、フェノーパウダーそれぞれ大さじ1づつ位


Score the skin and meat on both sides.  お肉には皮の面とお肉の面の両方に切り込みを入れておきます。


Massage with olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon zest and minced garlic.  オリーブオイル、塩、胡椒、レモンゼスト、にんにくの微塵切り


Add herbs 先ほどのハーブ類


Add parsley. Last time, I put in too much stuffing (cooked onions, leeks and so on…) and I struggled to roll the pork, so this time I just used a handful of parsley.  パセリ。前回は中に色々と具を入れすぎてお肉を巻くのが大変だったので、今回は弱気にパセリだけにしました。


Roll the pork and tie.  お肉を丸めます。(この作業一人でしました!大変だったよ)


Joe is piercing the skin to create a nice crackling exterior. Actually, I would recommend piercing it before rolling the pork…. :( ジョジョがお肉にピアスをしています。この行程はお肉を丸める前にした方が良かったですね。


Cover with olive oil and salt. Don’t add herbs to the exterior as they will burn easily. オリーブオイルとお塩でコーティングします。


cha-da- :D オーブンで焼いて完成。

  • The first time I cooked porchetta, I roasted it at 350°F for a couple of hours and then blasted it at a high temperature for the last 15 mins or so.  The meat was juicy but the skin was hard.
  • The second time I cooked porchetta, I roasted it at 250 – 275°F for 5 to 6 hours and  then blasted it at  high temperature for the last 15 mins.   The meat was very tender and juicy but the skin was super dry and impossible to eat :(
  • This time, I started by blasting the porchetta at 450°F for the first 15 mins and then turned the heat down to 300F for a couple hours.   finished by blasting it again at a high temperature for the last 15 mins. This time, the skin was crispy but the meat was less juicy… :(
  • はじめてポルケッタを作った時は、176℃で2時間→最後の15分232℃の高温。お肉はジューシーでしたが、皮がまぁまぁでした。
  • 2回目は120℃−135℃で5時間→最後の15分232℃の高温。お肉はめっちゃしっとりしていて美味しかったですが、皮がカチカチでした。
  • 今回は最初の15分232℃の高温→150℃で2時間ほど→最後の15分232℃の高温。皮は今までの中で一番上手に出来ましたが、お肉が前程ジジューシーじゃありませんでした。

Boun appetito!

I wonder if I can make both perfect crispy skin AND juicy meat the next time ಠ_ಠ mmmmm



What is your favorite pie :)?



My favorite is apple pie ;)


Joe and I were talking about this last week. When it comes to pies,I image only the sweet, dessert type but he mentioned a famous savory pie in Quebec called tourtiere. And, the other day, we found some at the farmer’s market.



  Cha-da- <3 真ん中のケベックマークが可愛い♡ 

Tourtiere is a meat pie. I really liked the herbs and spices it contained but I couldn’t put my finger on what kind was used. Maybe nutmeg? Or cloves…? Something I don’t use in my regular cooking  ಠ_ಠ mmm



At first, I thought the inside was ground beef but it was actually pork which is the traditional recipe . According Joe, some tourtiere has more meat than this one. Anyway, it was delicious :D I may make my own version next time!


xox Akemi

キヌア Quinoa

Do you like quinoa :)? 皆さんはキヌアって好きですか?

I don’t think a lot of Japanese people eat quinoa salad so I made this video in Japanese :D If you find any mistakes with the English subtitles (or my Japanese), please let me know ;)


xox Akemi

1/2 cup Quinoa
1 cup Coconut water (You can use water)
1/4 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Cumin powder
1/8 tsp Turmeric powder
1 Ripe mango
1/2 Birdseye chilli
1/4 cup Almond milk (You can skip if you don’t have)
1 Lemon juice
Veggies of your choices

キヌア 1/2カップ
ココナッツウォーター 1カップ(お水でもokayです)
お塩 小さじ1/4
ターメリック 小さじ1/8
クミンパウダー 小さじ1/2
よく熟れたマンゴー 1つ
鷹の爪 1/2本
アーモンドミルク 1/4カップ(こちらは省略して頂いても結構です)
レモンジュース 1個分弱


Hope you enjoy my mom’s recipe :3 Have a great day :3